Our Business

Regarding the Ayeyarwaddy Group’s Digital Economy Agenda for Next Normal so-called Future of Myanmar, we operate various businesses focus on general trading as usual and managing three inclusive sharing economy businesses which will derive support and empower for our country digital ecosystem from the businesses and services of related and member MSMEs and Consumers.

Transformational Change

The ‘Next Normal’ Business Landscape of Ayeyarwaddy Group

Since the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in the global economic development landscape and push some manufacturers to the limits of productivity while bringing others’ production lines to a standstill. The impact has also had a devastating effect on Myanmar's socio-economic sector, and it continues to do so today, with Myanmar's small and medium-sized economies not yet ready for digital technology relating to their business administration and customer services. For micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the number of businesses that have shut down due to extreme difficulties in reselling their products and services has risen to more than 35 per cent, according to the World Bank Group’s survey. And it’s forced every organization to look again at how, why, and with whom they do business. According to our assessment, we believed that COVID-19 has made digital transformation imperative – with human creativity at the center of change.

The Ayeyarwaddy Group Co., Ltd. has been transforming and adapting its inclusive business environment since late 2020, with the aim of continuing to support these non-resilient businesses with the help of digital technology and the growth of an internet-based business. Our corporate design will involve an entire range of businesses and is located anywhere in the world, providing real-time import and export of their products and services, as well as the technical systems, resources they need, compliance information, support financial access and marketing matter.

Our group was working to build the digital technology and mobile internet-based business models needed for the sustainable development of the Myanmar economy in addition to its existing businesses. Continuously, we adopted a corporate strategy in the form of Sharing Economy Model, in other words, a Collaborative Economy approach based on collaborative sales and access to quality products and services from consumers, producers and distributors which they approach envision. We designed to invite entire value chain actors will be involved in our models.

The first step in the design of an inclusive Sharing Economy Model was launched in early 2021 with three integrated interconnecting business plans. You can read about three detailed business project plans in our Business Section.

Core businesses in our digital ecosystems include: