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Transformational Change: The ‘Next Normal’ Business Landscape of Ayeyarwaddy Group

About Us

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The Ayeyarwaddy Group Co., Ltd. was established in Myanmar during the early days of Myanmar’s economic boom when the earliest stage of developing internet network, with a focus on Myanmar venture capitalists and young entrepreneurs. Young Myanmar Entrepreneur launched in mid-2004 with the support of technologies and international business groups based on international trade, it is one of Myanmar's leading Internet-based ventures that has been officially registered under the Myanmar Company Law for more than a decade.

Our Business

Regarding the Ayeyarwaddy Group’s Digital Economy Agenda for Next Normal so-called Future of Myanmar, we operate various businesses focus on general trading as usual and managing three inclusive sharing economy businesses which will derive support and empower for our country digital ecosystem from the businesses and services of related and member MSMEs and Consumers.

Core businesses in our digital ecosystems include:

History And Milestone

Public and Private sectors to leverage innovation and technology to develop more effectively in the local economy

Ayeyarwaddy Group was established in 2004 by Young Myanmar Entrepreneur from Mandalay Region, Myanmar. From the outset, the company's founders shared a belief that the telecom and technologies business would level the playing field by empowering Myanmar Public and Private sectors to leverage innovation and technology to develop more effectively in the local economy. In 2006, the first overseas branch office was set up in Singapore to strengthen the market capacity and networking through global technologies stakeholders for Myanmar enterprises.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the group strategy was transformed and enhanced the business model as an inclusive sharing economy to enable various socioeconomic stakeholders in Myanmar. Ayeyarwaddy Group has grown into a digital ecosystem with internet-based business, innovation initiatives, platformification for new value-creating.

Culture and Values

At Ayeyarwaddy Group, we have a set of 5 values which operate as a system, reflecting and shaping our behaviors and organizational culture:

  • 1. We work together as a Team
  • 2. We embrace change and innovation to help our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves.
  • 3. We are authentic in our interactions and communicate openly, honestly and respectfully.
  • 4. We deliver those best possible results for our clients and take pride in our work built on quality and integrity.
  • 5. We care for each other, our clients, and communities – understanding that empathy make us stronger.

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